The wave band scope of JGS1 extreme ultraviolet quartz glass is 185~2500. The wave band scope of JGS2 ultraviolet quartz glass is 220~2500. The wave band scope of JGS3 infrared optics quartz glass is 260~3500.

The optical quality of quartz glass has the originality, it both may penetrate the extreme ultraviolet, is the best of all ultraviolet materials, and may penetrate the ultraviolet and the near-infrared spectrum, the thermal-expansion coefficient minimum, the chemical stability is good, the air bubble, the stripe, the uniformity, the double refraction have may compare favorably with the general optical glass, therefore it is works originally in each kind of bad field,has the high stability optics coefficient and the essential optical material.

Mainly applies in the high temperature window of war industry, laser, metallurgy , optical instrument, stage light.