Black and blue glass allowing the pass-through of the UV light (254nm,310nm,365nm).
It has Ultraviolet black glass and Ultraviolet white glass.
Ultraviolet black glass has good ultraviolet, divides long wave, shortwave. Its model are ZWB1, ZWB2, ZWB3 (254nm,310nm,365nm) respectively.
Ultraviolet white glass: it is a uncolored cut-off glass which wavelength is 220NM-380NM , permeability is more than 89.5%.

Ultraviolet black glass,it can filter out (absorption) the visible light at the same time.
Ultraviolet white glass:Only passes the ultraviolet ray its Chemical stability is good.

Ultraviolet black glass,mainly uses in the geological examination, non-destructive test, the medical analysis instrument, the ultraviolet photosource filters.
Ultraviolet white glass:Film and television manufacture, photographic equipment, chemical industry, metallurgy, war industry, electricity photosource and so on.